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Welcome to the European Historic Thermal Towns Association (EHTTA) website!

EHTTA is a membership organisation representing historic thermal spa towns across Europe, and is certified by the Council of Europe to run the European Route of Historic Thermal Towns, as part of the Cultural Routes programme. Here you can find detailed information about our members – if you’re putting together your own travel itinerary, we have plenty to tempt you to visit our spa towns. Go to individual members’ pages to find out their contact details or simply scroll through the images of baths, springs, fountains, beautiful landscape and stunning architecture and imagine yourself immersed in the health-giving water for relaxation or drinking it in elegant surroundings for your well-being!


Students, researchers and press can also find plenty of detail about our members, their waters, and the famous visitors that visited in the past for their health, and for inspiration too! Discover our latest news as well as the fascinating history of the forerunners of the modern tourism industry.

If you represent a town which would like to join EHTTA, and would like to discover the benefits of being a member, please contact us. Links to past initiatives such as the SOURCE project may also be found, illustrating the creativity and forward-thinking nature of the organisation.

You can follow EHTTA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and there is also a fantastic resource – news and stories from all over the network, brought together in a ScoopIt feed, which you can find on our News pages.



Save the date! - EHTTA Upcoming events

World Water Day 2017 - EHTTA's Celebration@Sources

Capturasources2March 22nd each year is the day the world focuses on water. Led by the United Nations, the World Water Day is about raising awareness on the importance of universal access to clean water and the need to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources, in accordance with the the Sustainable Development Goals launched in 2015.


Water is at the heart and of the European Route of Historic Thermal Towns of the Council of Europe and all its member destinations, rich in hot mineral springs. Since 2014 the EHTTA celebrates this special date with activities designed to give wider access to our hot springs and spa heritage, welcoming people to get to know more about those waters and experience them in interesting and unusual ways.


Please stay tuned on our Facebook page ThermalTravels to discover how spa towns in Europe are celebrating World Water Day. And don’t forget to share your experiences with the hashtag #celebrationsources
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