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EHTTA's Criteria
    Criteria of E.H.T.T.A. Membership:
    1. To be an historical thermal town dating back at least to the 19th century.
    2. To have current facilities using and managing the mineral waters; e.g. thermal spa or/and a well-being centre.
      NB: the commercial exploitation of bottled water is not an eligible criterion on its own.
    3. To possess a high quality architectural heritage dating back at least to the 19th century and beyond and  to have a complex of buildings related to hydrotherapy and classed as historical monuments.
    4. To maintain a tradition of artistic and cultural events and programmes with supporting infrastructure, such as theatre, casino, concert hall, bandstand, etc.
    5. To offer a wide range of quality accommodation (from high-standard hotels of 5* to 3* as the minimum) and to have a significant number of rooms available for the spa guests and tourist visitors to the destination.

    Les Critères :
    1. Etre une ville thermale historique datant au moins du XIXème siècle.
    2. Disposer d’une exploitation en eau minérale en activité sous forme d’établissement thermal et/ou centre de bien-être.
      Nota : l’exploitation commerciale de l’eau embouteillée n’est pas un critère d’éligibilité.
    3. Posséder un patrimoine architectural datant au moins du XIXème siècle et comportant un ou plusieurs bâtiments liés au thermalisme et classés Monuments Historiques.
    4. Disposer d’une tradition et d’infrastructures de divertissements et d’activités culturelles, telles que : casino, théâtre, kiosque à musique, etc.
    5. Proposer une offre d’hébergements de qualité (hôtellerie haut de gamme, au moins 3 étoiles) et disposer d’un nombre de chambres significatif et adapté à la fonction thermale et touristique de la ville.

    I criteri :
    1. Essere una città termale risalente almeno al XIX secolo.
    2. Possedere acque termali utilizzate per le cure negli stabilimenti termali e/o in centro benessere.
      Nota : lo sfruttamento di acqua minerale in bottiglia non è un criterio di eleggibilità.
    3. Possedere un patrimonio architettonico risalente almeno al XIX secolo costituito da diversi edifici legati al termalismo e classificati come Monumenti Storici.
    4. Vantare una tradizione di infrastrutture e di attività culturali e d’intrattenimento, come :  Casinò, Teatri, Gazebo per la  musica, ecc .
    5. Proporre un’offerta alberghiera di qualità (hotel di categoria non inferiore alle 3 stelle) e disporre di una capacità ricettiva adeguata all’indotto turistico e termale della città.

    After having completed the information requested, please return and send it back with the Acting Member Application letter to the E.H.T.T.A. secretary.
    The Technical Committee responsible for the applications will use the information and answers provided to form an opinion as to the suitability of the candidate town or city to become a member of the European Historical Thermal Towns Association. Ultimately the decision concerning any new member is taken by the E.H.T.T.A. Board of Founding Members and their decision is final.
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