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Acqui Terme is located in the heart of northern Italy's Piedmont region, and is a bustling spa town established in Roman times, and surrounded by breath-taking vineyards and landscapes.  The impressive ruins of the Roman acqueduct still stand next to the Bormida river, a reminder of how water has always been the most important element in Acqui Terme.  Today Acqui Terme offiers its visitors an enviable blend of spas, culture, culinarry excellence, and Italian small-town charm, making in an appealing destination.


Acqui Terme is a Founding Member of EHTTA, and the Association's Secretary's Office is hosted by the municipality of Acqui Terme.

Historical background

Ever since it was founded by the Romans, Acqui Terme has had “hot water” extremely rich in therapeutic properties, which gushes out in the town’s centre.  The oldest statutes of the free municipality date back to 1274.

Around 1480 the thermae across the Bormida River began to develop, so much that during the course of the 16th century they entirely replaced the ones in the city centre.
In the 17th century, a time in which only some of the baths were functioning, the establishment across the Bormida River was slowly enlarged with 100 cabins.
The eighteenth century perspective of transforming the spa town into a resort based on complete regeneration not only of treatments followed in 1826-27, led by King Carlo Felice with the construction of the first “recovery house for the poor”.
The town’s re-birth started in 1868, with the passing over of the Thermae to the control of the Municipality of Acqui. In 1879 the first cure establishment was inaugurated then completed in 1881.
During the early 1930’s Acqui’s Thermae encountered a remarkable structural growth, in 1939, they returned to State control, and only recently in 1998, did they fall under the administration of the Municipality of Acqui and most of all the Regione Piemonte (Inst. Governing Body) which began a general renovation of the company’s real property estates, and even though this is still in progress today.

Water sources

The sound of water follows you everywhere, in fact Acqui Terme has three main springs: the Bollente Spring, which is the primary source for the thermal treatments, and is publicly available at a fountain in the heart of the town, that is arguably the city’s most famous attraction. The water – one of the hottest in the EHTTA network gushes out at an amazing temperature of 74.5 °C with a high mineral content. The Lago della Sorgenti spring at 50oC is mixed with the Bollente water used at the Thermal Establishments, but in the 4thcentury the waters were probably used by the Romans, with the therapeutic mud that is deposited at the bottom of the lakes, and today are used in mud bath therapies, which have been popular in Acqui Terme since the early 14th Century.


The Acqua Marcia source was discovered much later, during the second half of the 18th century, and it has a minor flow compared with the other springs. It flows into a secondary basin 1000m below the surface, where it loses its temperature and finally emerges at 19oC. It is used mainly as drinking water and for some inhalation treatments, as it is rich in sulphur compounds. The new thermal complex, the “Regie Terme of Acqui”, where ancient spa rituals from east and west are integrated into modern treatments.

Cultural heritage

Archaeological site of the Roman bath
Ruins of a wide spa complex dating from Imperial times were uncovered while building the new porticos along the sides of the Hotel Nuove Terme.

Hotel Nuove Terme
In the main square of the town, the spa building and hotel were built in 1870. The Hotel was completely renovated before the Second World War and again between 2001 and 2002 bringing it back to its old magnificence.

Hotel Antiche Terme
The present spa complex dates from the late Sixteen Hundreds reconstruction by Giovanni Battista Scapitta, after a landslide had destroyed the building whose existence had already been recorded in the 16th century. After the restoration its look has remained almost unchanged to date.

The Aedicula and Bollente Square
Between the 1870 and 1880 the town council lead by Giuseppe Saracco completely transformed the old area around the homonymous fountain and also pulled down  the Ghetto.  Engineer Ceruti built the aedicula shaped like a miniature temple in eclectic style.

Spa and treatments

Spa treatments 
The city of Acqui Terme offers 3 Spa centres with thermal baths, and other Spas equipped with many other modern facilities. Treatements: Mud-bath Therapy - Inhalation treatments  - Vascular hydro-gymnastics - Vaginal Irrigations - Respiratory and motor - nerve Rehabilitation - Spa Beauty Treatment.

Whether you have just a few hours or a whole day, then they’re the perfect place to relax and unwind, and immerse yourself in peaceful surroundings. You may spend a day pampering yourself and unwinding abandoning tension and stress, perfect to regenerate and rediscover lost energies. What a better place to start the day! (medical treatments) (Spa Beauty Treatments)


Spa beauty products
The line of products created by the Regie Terme Acqui, was born from the fusion between the sulphur-bromine-iodine thermal water with active ingredients along with tested efficiency.
Particular attention has been paid to the use of eco-certificated vegetal active ingredients, deriving from controlled cultivations; the fragrances used are all allergen –free.


Cultural events and activities

Cultural tourism
Besides the Roman Ruins and the Archaeological Museum attesting the glorious past of the town, culture lovers and tourists who enjoy visiting monuments, works of art and attend social cultural events have plenty of interesting things to see in Acqui Terme:
Every autumn the prize giving ceremony of The History Literary Award “Premio Acqui Storia”, was born in 1968 to donate Acqui Terme an event of high cultural interest and to remember and honour the sacrifice of thousands of Italian soldiers belonging the “Acqui Division”, massacred by the Germans in Kefalonia in 1943.
Every summer The “Antologica” Painting Exhibition born in 1970 since then it has been offering big names of the painting and sculpture world such as Morando, Guttuso, Levi, Carrà, De Pisis, Rosai, Morandi, Campigli, Reycend, Moreni, Guidi, Soffici, Calandri, Carlo Carrà, De Chirico, Sironi, De Pisis, Balla .

On the occasion of EXPO 2015 the context of the Forty-fourth edition of the annual anthological exhibition of paintings, the City of Acqui Terme In 2015 paid tribute to Pablo Picasso, with the presentation of an exhibition in his honor named “Picasso – Segni Dialoganti”.

The International dance Festival “Acqui on Stage”, born in 1984 and has become a usual rendez-vous. This event, which takes place in the splendid setting of the municipal open-air theatre G. Verdi, has seen on its stage a succession of prestigious academic companies.

Facts and figures

Arrival (2014): 59.583
Tourist attendance (2014): 171.431
Medium stay length (2014): 2.8
Brief report on the tourist flow in the last five years
The growth of tourism in Piedmont and in our province never arrested since 2000 to nowadays. it is evident that in the last decade, in our area, preferred by the exponential growth of the non-hotel sector and a massive and widespread promotion policy, the interest and attendance have increased very significantly. Acqui Terme records from a resilient extra European tourism.

Other forms of complementary tourism


Oenogastronomical tourism
Acqui’s area is a land of genuine flavours that combines a tasty cuisine with a rich and top quality wine list. The Acqui Terme Regional Wine Cellar “Terme & Vino” is situated in the cellars of an historic building dating from the XIth Century built on the stone and marlstone foundation of a noble Roman house. Here you can buy and taste D.O.C and D.O.C.G wines: and most of all Dolcetto d’Acqui and Brachetto d’Acqui served along with and local products.

Congress tourism
Acqui Terme has newly build Conference Centre for meetings, incentive and congresses with 1.000 seats, with a qualified staff that guarantees a high level of provided services and professional approach in organizing even the most significant events.

Sport – leisure and golf
Acqui Terme is a pre-championship intensive training site for some prestigious Italian soccer clubs from the A and B football leagues.
We also offer lots countryside for peace and rest, to read and relax in, excursion on the hills on foot or by mountain bike, horse – back, parachuting and golf.

Accommodation capacity (number of hotels, total number of beds and hotel classification (stars)
1.700 beds
16 hotels : 2 four star – 8 three star – 5 two star – 1 one star

29 other selected hospitality (B&B – farmhouses – apartments – relais de charme)

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