Aquae Balissae - Hot Springs in Daruvar Spa (Croatia)

A group tour designed to combine experiences of Daruvar's thermal springs, and great local food and wine.

Package Includes

  • Arrival in Daruvar in the morning
  • Tour of the town - the story of the development of thermal waters in Daruvar and coffee or tea prepared with the thermal water from Antun's hot spring located in the oldest spa park in inland Croatia, Julij's Park
  • Lunch at the castle of Count Jankovic including seasonal specialities from the Daruvar area
  • Top quality wine and cheese tasting in the cellar of Jankovic Castle and the "Ballad of wine, cheese and Daruvar"
  • Swimming in Thermal water at Daruvar Spa or the Aquae Ballisae thermal water park
  • Traditional dinner  on the Matej Kovacevic family farm accompanied by folk songs and traditional instruments (tamburice).  .  Dinner is served with 0.5 litres or wine and 0.5 litres of water per person.


38 euros per person


This programme can be extended to include more days.

The tourist programme has been designed for a minimum of 25 people.

The programme does not include transport or accommodation.


How to Book

Please contact DA Tours

Mobile: +385 99 578 1927


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