Karlovy Vary Region - Czech republic


The Karlovy Vary Region was formed from the former districts of Karlovy Vary, Cheb and Sokolov. Of the 14 regions in the Czech Republic, the Karlovy Vary Region is the third smallest in area and has the fewest inhabitants. It is located in the western part of the Czech Republic on the border with Germany. Its neighbouring German regions are Saxony and Bavaria with which it enjoys mutually advantageous cooperation.
The Karlovy Vary Region sets itself apart from the rest of the Czech Republic because of its underground network of hot and cold mineral springs which have made Karlovy Vary one of the largest spa treatment centres in Europe. These mineral springs of various temperatures have medical properties which can help people who suffer from digestive tract, metabolic and certain arthritic disorders, to name but a few.       About 100 springs rise naturally from underground, but only 12 are used in the treatment of health problems. Mariánské Lázně is another spa town famous for its carefully manicured parks, woods and historical architecture. Františkovy Lázně near the German border is an old spa town which has retained its architecture and monuments, making it one of the most attractive towns in the region. Jáchymov became famous just after its founding in 1516 for its silver mines, and it went on to mint silver coins. The world’s first radium spa was established here by Nobel Prize winners Marie and Pierre Curie.

Cultural and social events are an important part of life in the Karlovy Vary Region. Many of these events are well known all over the world, e.g. the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Mariánské Lázně hosts a Chopin Music Festival and Františkovy Lázně holds summer long concerts including a week of Johann Strauss.
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