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La Bourboule has known five periods :
Antiquity: Thermal springs of La Bourboule already would be known.
15th century: Beginnings of thermal activity (basic facilities).
17th – 18th centuries: Discovery of a new hot spring, publication of waters treatises.
19th century : Inventory of 5 springs by H. Lecoq, 1st thermal baths (1821), Choussy establishment (1828), Queen of arsenical waters (1854), great hotels (1860-1863), war of wells from 1862, foundation of Waters Company (1875), building of thermal infrastructures (park, thermal baths, casino…),
20th century : Flight of modernity (1900’s) and medical hydrotherapy and children
houses (from 1945)

La Bourboule was created in 1875 (separated from Murat le Quaire).

La Bourboule has 3 thermal establishments:
-    The “Grands Thermes of La Bourboule”, municipality ownership, are managed under local government control with financial autonomy and moral status.
-    The « Thermes Choussy » and « Résidence thermale Choussy » are La Bourboule Mineral Waters Company ownership and managed by the Company itself.

There is also a relaxation space open at the public in the aqua recreational central, with sauna, hammam and Jacuzzi.

Thermal baths use normal and usual means for promotion: edition of thermal guide and well-being brochure, Web site, mailings to prospects and customers, Thermalies exhibition, purchasing of spaces…
On top of specific actions, La Bourboule and the Grands Thermes take profit of the effects of common promotion campaigns led and financed by the national organisations (ANMCT, CNETh…) and also by Thermauvergne and the “Route des Villes d’Eaux du Massif Central”.

The thermal waters of la Bourboule strengthen the respiratory mucosa that inhibit the diffusion of allergens and stimulate the immune system permanently and improve the quality of skin.

Facts and figures

Situated at 850 m. above the sea level, in the valley of the Upper Dordogne, in the heart of the natural park of the Auvergne volcanoes, near the foot of the Puy de Sancy (1886 m), La Bourboule with its 2 100 inhabitants is the most populated spa town in the Sancy area.
La Bourboule is a part of the Communitarian Strategy within the Community of communes of Sancy and the Tourist Office of the Massif du Sancy.
With its 14 000 tourist beds covers about 20% of tourism in the Massif du Sancy (Massif du Sancy represents 50% of the offer of the Puy de Dome and 25% of the offer of the Auvergne), la Bourboule has welcome more than 4.000 spa guests in 2010 and 25% increase for fitness and wellness.

It’s easy to go to la Bourboule
By Road :
A71 : Paris, Orléans, Bourges, Clermont-Ferrand
A72 : Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Clermont-Ferrand
A75 : Montpellier, Saint-Flour, Issoire, Clermont-Ferrand
A89 et RN89 : Bordeaux, Brive, Ussel
A20 : Orléans, Limoges, Toulouse (motorway exit A89)

By Train :
SNCF Railway station: La Bourboule.

> By Plane :
Clermont-Ferrand /Auvergne Airport at 70 km.

Continuous taxi rank.

La Bourboule has many tourist and leisure facilities: a newly aqua-recreational centre,  a horse-riding centre, a mini golf, several directing courses in the wilds, 6 outside tennis courts, a billiard room, a games casino, a congress centre, a discotheque, a cinema, a multimedia library, a body-building room, many waling routes, three thermal establishments (Grands Thermes, Thermes Choussy, Résidence thermale Choussy…), the”Fenestre” park and its different activities, a cable car, a geology space which also proposes gold washing walks or geological discovery…, walks, VTT rides or cross-country snowshoes.

La Bourboule doesn’t propose specialities from its town, but lies within the framework of a rich culinary tradition’s country and regional products: cheeses, cooked pork meats, wines. La Bourboule is located within the “AOC” (guarantee of origin) area of the 5 cheeses from Auvergne: Cantal, Saint-Nectaire, Fourme d’Ambert, Bleu d’Auvergne and Salers.

La Bourboule has several thermal heritage buildings

- Les Grands Thermes: building at the end 19th / beginning 20th century; modifications in the 20th century. Edifice topped with four small domes at the corners and with a most important at the North entrance. Sculpted decoration: Antefix with human heads around the small domes, entablature of the pediment of the main entrance.
- Casino "Chardon": building in 1892; extension in 1928; renovation in congress centre in 1995. Ornamental elements on the frontage, gaming rooms, remarkable domes of the great hall.
- Casino of Thermes – current city hall: building in 1891, city hall since 1911. Balcony on the frontage supported by 4 caryatids, entrance hall, grand staircase, pagoda roofing.
- Park Fenestre: landscaped garden created from 1874 on the left bank of the Dordogne river. This 12 hectares park is made of lawns, flowers and trees clumps (among them redwoods planted from the origin, near the main entrance of the park) and also an ornamental pond.
- Bridge on the Vendeix: building in 1920. Markers decorated with remarkable mosaics.
- Old cake shop Rozier: building in 1920. Art deco style frontage decorated with wonderful mosaics.
- Medicis and Palace Hôtel, Holiday centre of the Crédit Lyonnais (bank): building before 1891. Finely worked parapet, dome with a glass decoration.
- Résidence Métropole – Old Grand Hôtel: built in 1895, extension in the 1910’s. Frontage in tufa. Frontage highlighted by different openings, polychrome plays and material. Abundance of architectural decoration. Iron-wrought pediment. Ceramic decorations, sculpted elements.
- Many hotels and villas.

In La Bourboule, there are gaming casino, children casino, bandstand, Italian style theatre (concert hall), a small castle of “Guignol“ (puppet show), a village hall, a theatre, a multi-purpose hall, a cinema, a discotheque…

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