Fédération Thermale Et Climatique Française

Facts and figures

The Fédération Thermale et Climatique Française (FTCF) was created in1924. Its purpose is to study the problems attached to the life of French thermal spas, and the coordination of all efforts for the purpose of the development of thermal activity.

The Fédération Thermale et Climatique Française brings together the National Association of Mayors of Thermal Communes (ANMCT), the National Confederation of Thermal Operators (CNETh), the French Association for Ther- mal Research (AFRETh), the National Union of Thermal Doctors (SNMTh ), the French Society of Thermal Medicine (SFMT), the Regional Thermal Federations, the Regional Councils concerned with thermal activity figures in their professional capacity (scientists, university academics, etc.). The FTCF studies thermal activity problems in France in liaison with national member bodies. It is their intermediary to the public authorities (Ministry for Health, Ministry for Tourism, Ministry for the Interior and regional collectives). The FTCF is an ex offcio member of National Tourism Council. The FTCF entertains permanent connections with the parliamentary group for thermal activity.

The FTCF participates actively in research through the intermediary AFRETh, of which it is a founding member. Every year, the FTCF organises the national meetings for thermal activity, which bring together the entire profession.

The FTCF entertains relations with the European thermal activity bodies (EHTTA, ANCOT, ESPA, ISMH).

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